Chapter 7, Page 61

“The generation of women about to enter their 60s—the baby boomers—is staying young much longer than their mothers did by keeping active and taking care of their bodies. But they will age.” Mary Ruggie, Adjunct Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Mary Ruggie in her article “Fading Health, Fragile Health Policy: Will Shame Spur Action?” explores how well prepared our health care system is to meet the challenges of the aging baby boomer women. The author analyzes the nation’s health-care policies (including the Medicare and Medicaid programs) and builds a case for how these policies do not meet the financial and health-care needs of aging boomer women. With national policies shifting more responsibility on to the consumer to cover health and long-term care costs, baby boomer women can expect greater financial hardship in the elder years, particularly women from lower socioeconomic groups and racial/ethnic minorities.