About GenPolicy

Paul Hodge
Paul Hodge
President of The Global Generations Policy Institute

Public servant, action-oriented innovator, social entrepreneur, public interest advocate, law enforcement leader, author, editor and educator – for 25 years, Paul Hodge has successfully confronted societal challenges by focusing his passion and creative talents to improving the quality of life for many of our fellow Americans.

The Global Generations Policy Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit, intergenerational, think tank with the critical missions to:

  • Raise the consciousness of the world, our nation, its leaders, and citizens to the unprecedented challenges we will be facing with the aging of the nation’s baby boomers.
  • Lead the nation in developing and implementing innovative, interdisciplinary, intergenerational, systems-focused national policies that address these challenges.
  • Lead, sponsor, and fund international, national and grass-roots proactive initiatives that promote and facilitate informed policy debate, dialogue, and development concerning the aging of the nation’s baby boomers and the challenges of maturing global populations.