Lorna Rigney

Lorna Rigney joined Global Generations Policy Institute (GGPI) in 2003 to oversee program development and implementation, personnel, and financial management. Her focus is on initiatives with corporate, academic and nonprofit partners to drive awareness and action that will prepare the country for the aging of the baby boomers. Before joining GGPI, Lorna was a Regional Vice President and Corporate Officer at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., (Schwab) where she managed 11 branches with assets over $9 billion. Lorna has taken an active role in issues pertaining to baby boomer women, leading in the launch of the popular “Women and Investing” seminars at Schwab and writing a column on financial advice for business papers. She is a frequent guest on both radio and television and has been quoted in Fortune and other publications discussing how investors, especially women, should plan for their retirement futures. Currently, her interests are focused on the framework the Obama administration has proposed to improve the ability of regulators to address the fiduciary responsibilities of market participants. Lorna received her BS from the University of California at Davis and her MBA from the Simmons School of Management in Boston. She is currently a candidate for the CFP® designation.