Paul Hodge


The public’s servant, action-oriented visionary, internet entrepreneur, public interest advocate, law enforcement leader, author, publisher, video journalist and educator – for 25 years, Paul Hodge has successfully confronted America’s challenges by focusing his passion, drive and creative talents to improving the quality of life for many of our fellow citizens.

As a cancer survivor, Paul has come to appreciate that every day counts. “We should do all we can to help those in need and accomplish as many of our dreams as we can.” Following this vision, Paul has accomplished five of his “bucket list” goals by 1) promoting women’s (especially minority women’s) economic futures by funding, co-authoring, editing and publishing a nationally acclaimed joint Harvard University study/book “Baby Boomer Women: Secure Futures or Not?”; 2) saving lives and protecting/improving the quality of life for America’s elderly and our vulnerable fellow citizens in need, 3) alerting the nation as to the grave challenges facing our aging society by advising the President/US Congress and founding, financing, co-authoring, editing and publishing a “ground breaking” Harvard University study/journal “The Aging Explosion: Baby Boomers and Beyond”, 4) setting the “World Record” for being the first person in the world to adventure solo ten times around our planet – so far Paul has done five trips – his sixth solo adventure around the world will commence November, 2022; and 5) creating a visionary YouTube channel/website SoloAroundWorld which chronicles Paul’s World Record “solo around the world” adventures. YouTube has recognized Paul’s work by designating him as a “YouTube Creator”. To date, Paul’s YouTube channel has garnered 16,600+ subscribers, 14,905,218+ views and 14,881,932+ minutes watched !!

Jane Fonda & Paul Hodge collaborating at Brown University event in Los Angeles

As a recognized “opinion leader”, Paul has been interviewed/appeared in the national media/press such as ABC, CNN, CBS, PBS, the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. He has served as a keynote speaker in numerous conclaves and participated with world leaders/moderated sessions at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meetings in Davos, Switzerland.

In recognition of his visionary work and proven expertise, Paul was honored by being selected as a Research Fellow to collaborate with Harvard President Derek Bok on a Harvard aging policy research project; honored nationally as the lead baby boomer expert in the White House Conference on Aging’s Final Report to the President and Congress which is published every ten years; recognized/hosted United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at an assembly about the world’s challenges; honored as an International Social Leader at the Inauguration of Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon ; honored to have studied with Mario Dragi, Prime Minister of Italy and served with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and internationally famous author Paulo Coelho on the board of directors of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

Paul has received numerous professional/academic awards and commendations, including being awarded Harvard University’s prestigious Lucius N. Littauer Fellowship for Academic Excellence and Public Service, the National Institute of Justice’s John B. Pickett Fellowship for Integrity, Professionalism and Leadership in improving the nation’s criminal justice system and the National Association of Attorneys General Award for leading ground breaking efforts to improve the quality of our health care services to our vulnerable citizens.

Paul Hodge conferring with the Honorable Lawrence Summers, Secretary of the United States Treasury

As a Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, Paul led a Oxford collaborative, multidisciplinary initiative to raise international awareness to the fact that people will be living “younger longer”. His visionary initiative has had a profound positive impact on enhancing the quality of life for the old and young in need throughout our World.

Paul is Founding Chair of the Global Generations Policy Institute, President of the La Jolla Forum, Founding President of the National Baby Boomer Readiness Initiative and Founding Editor of the Harvard Generations Policy Journal. He is a recognized baby boomer authority and strategic advisor to Microsoft, the World Economic Forum, White HouseUS Congress, McArthur Foundation, the Aspen Institute and other leading institutions.

Paul concluded his 5th fantastic solo adventure around our Planet Earth followed by the publication of his HD video book on YouTube chronicling this amazing 25-day Solo Around The World explorationIn November, 2013, for the 4th time, Paul adventured solo around the world covering 40,000+ miles on 21 flights in 24 days. Paul published his video book of his amazing feat of endurance on YouTube. In November 2012, Paul published his video book chronicling his 47-day 3rd daunting solo adventure around our world to research key countries’ social unrest due to the dual mega tsunamis of aging populations and misguided macroeconomic policies. In November, 2011, Paul completed his 24-day 2nd solo around the world adventure. In 2010, Paul published his first video book covering Paul’s 1st 2008-2009 7+ month adventure around our World, his exploration of the wonders of the World’s six continents and his meetings with many dedicated people who are helping those in need throughout the World.

During his solo world adventures, Paul has covered many historic and dramatic world events. At great personal risk, Paul covered violent riots/protests in Athens, Kiev, Barcelona, Madrid, London, ParisBuenos Aires, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, and Santiago, Chile. In South Africa, Paul explored Nelson Mandela’s inspirational life and post apartheid conditions in Soweto where the movement to end apartheid started in earnest. In Cairo, Paul covered the first-ever free elections after the fall of the Mosedek dictatorship. In China, Paul’s unique videos were used on international TV to show the environmental degradation of Beijiing’s air quality. In Japan, Paul covered the faltering Japanese tsunami recovery efforts which has been severely hampered by the Fukishima nuclear reactors’ meltdown.

Paul Hodge & colleague Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, speaking at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

The Honorable Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, Paul Hodge and colleagues at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland

Paul has covered some of the world’s greatest celebrations, to mention a few: Paul covered Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration in London and the first two days of the “world famous” Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany. Paul is the first person to have covered three Rio Carnival Celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In February, 2015, Paul filmed the “world’s greatest party” Rio Carnival 2015 with his HD video book of this celebration being published on Paul’s new website “The Best of Rio Carnival” tm. In March 2014, Paul filmed the Rio Carnival 2014 celebration and in February, 2013, Paul filmed, for the first time on YouTube, the 2013 Rio Carnival celebration. Paul’s 2014 and 2013 coverages of the Rio Carnival celebrations were both published as video books on his YouTube channel SoloAroundWorld.

In addition to diving in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and climbing Chile’s Andes Mountains, Paul has conferred with heads of state including Liberia’s President Ellen Johnson Sirleafi, Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Switzerland’s President Adolf Ogi and South Africa’s First Lady Zanele Mbeki. Based upon the lessons learned during his global explorations, Paul has tirelessly advocated solutions-based action policies so the United States can protect our middle class, aging citizens and those in need. See: Paul’s Global CommentariesSee: Paul’s Global Commentaries.

Throughout his life, Paul has consistently overcome obstacles so he could to help others. As a dedicated opponent of racism in any form, Paul has a proven track record. As a part of the ground breaking national Law & Poverty Project, Paul fought against institutional racist policies in the Boston, Massachusetts Public Housing System by championing the tenants’ civil rights. To improve the quality of our health care services for our vulnerable developmentally disabled and aging citizens, Paul conceived and led a “first-of-its-kind” initiative to educate health care providers in the best health care protocols. Paul’s initiative was so successful, it won the National Association of Attorneys General Award and was adopted nationally by many states. Paul helped establish a fund to provide critical aid to the US Marine Corps’ Marine Wounded Warrior Battalion. As Paul has observed: “We all must make an extra effort to help out and support our wounded warriors and their families who have made incredible sacrifices. Our nation/we all are in their debt.” To safeguard our nation’s environment, Paul spearheaded a groundbreaking environmental rescue initiative to create a Block Island national wildlife preserve and has taken personal responsibility to minimize his family’s carbon footprint by, among other efforts, owning just one compact car.

As a Director of Harvard University’s Alumni Association Board of Directors, Paul represented the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and met with China’s Harvard Alumni leadership in Beijing. Paul has earned a MPA (2000) with honors from Harvard University, a JD from Boston University’s School of Law, a MBA from Columbia University Business School and an AB from Brown University.