The Age Explosion: Baby Boomers and Beyond

“Aging has emerged as the most urgent issue of the twenty-first century. “The Age Explosion: Baby Boomers and Beyond” examines the ramifications of this demographic cataclysm in its many dimensions — economic, social, political, and cultural. Calling for new public awareness and broad-ranging policy formation, this collection of articles addresses how we can best plan for longer life expectancy — as a nation and a world.” – Paul Hodge

“With the aging of the baby boomer generation, Americans will witness a societal transformation of unprecedented size and scope. Since the vanguard of the boomer bulge will reach 65 as early as 2011 and the populations of numerous countries around the globe are aging rapidly as well, lead-time is short and the problems myriad.”

— Derek Bok, President, Harvard University

“While many experts and popular pundits have made predictions about how the aging of the baby boomers will affect the United States, in actuality, no one really knows with any certainty what will happen. What is clear is that the policy implications and ramifications are unprecedented in history.”

— Paul Hodge, Founding Editor, Harvard Generations Policy Journal

“We need to change the partnership among government, private institutions, and the public to help our nation cope with the realities of not just aging, but longer life in the twenty-first century.”

— William D. Novelli, AARP Executive Director and CEO